Nearly New WAVs on mfldirect

Earning Rewards

Every WAV bought during it's first 30 days online, in the Exclusive channel, will earn you a £150 Get Your Own Back Reward.

These are WAVs that you have converted and are often the easiest to sell as you have a full understanding of the conversion specification to match with the requirements of your customers.

You can ensure that you are stocking good quality vehicles and making the right choice financially when buying a Get Your Own Back (GYOB) qualifying WAV.

Identifying your GYOB rewards
It's easy to indentify GYOB qualifying WAVs on mfldirect.co.uk/WAV - every WAV in the Exclusive category during it's first 30 days online will earn you £150. You also get free delivery for this vehicle. After 30 days the WAV will go into the Open category for a further 15 days and you will no longer get the reward, so don't miss out! All qualifying vehicles are marked with a purple GYOB icon (above).

Payment of the GYOB reward
On a monthly basis we will send you a statement detailing the WAVs you have bought in the Exclusive category on mfldirect.co.uk/WAV and notifying you of your reward payment for that month. The reward will be transferred via BACS to your bank account.

Quick Info

  • £150 for every Exclusive WAV you purchase
  • Free delivery on all vehicles