Nearly New WAVs on mfldirect

Nearly New Scheme

The following steps will take you through the Nearly New WAV contract hire application and arrival process.

How do I purchase a Nearly New WAV for a Motability customer?

  1. Choose the vehicle:
    Go to www.mfldirect.co.uk/WAV and choose a Nearly New WAV.

    Ensure your customer is comfortable with the WAV specification, any fitted options and the advance payment required.
  2. Notify Motability:
    Log on to www.motabilityonline.co.uk using your usual username and password.

    Make sure you have all necessary customer information, just as you would for a new Contract Hire agreement.
  3. Submitting the VTN:
    When logged in, select the Nearly New Contract Hire option and submit the online application.

    If you are purchasing a WAV from the Exclusive section of the website use the VTN shown against the WAV on the product details page.

    If you are purchasing a WAV from the Open section of the website use your dummy VTN and explain to your customer that the detailed information for their particular WAV will be added once the eligibility checks are complete.
  4. Secure the vehicle
    Once the customer’s application has passed eligibility, buy the WAV on www.mfldirect.co.uk/WAV
  5. If you have used a dummy VTN:
    If you have selected a vehicle from the Open section and submitted the application using a dummy VTN you will need to complete the Nearly New VTN request form and E-mail it to pricingadmin1@motabilityoperations.co.uk. You will receive the Vehicle Specific VTN within 6 days. If you do not have the current quarter VTN form, please contact Central Purchasing.

When the WAV arrives:

The WAV you’ve just bought will be delivered to you within 7 days.

Before delivery it will have been checked for any mechanical or bodywork defects (excluding conversion issues) to ensure it meets the Nearly New mfldirect Condition Standards.

Please ensure that you check the conversion elements of the WAV to ensure that it is all functioning correctly with all components present and that any user documentation is available.

If you have any concerns, please refer to the condition standards pages.

Once the application changes to "Pending"

As soon as the status of a Nearly New contract hire application has changed to “Pending” on www.motabilityonline.co.uk...

If you purchased the WAV from the Exclusive section of the website you can proceed to handover exactly as you would for a new Contract Hire application.

If you purchased the WAV from the Open section of the website you need to ensure the VTN for the WAV is put on the customer’s application before handover. To do this, call the Dealer Contact Centre on 0870 111 8885 (opt 1).